4 Most Important Sites for Internet Marketing

For startups digital marketing is single most important thing to make let people know about their product/ service or to increase sales, but unfortunately you can’t spend millions on advertising unless your father is super rich or you have got funding.

Below are some of the most important websites for startups to market their product or service online without spending money or too much money.

1. Facebook

About 50% of people in USA check facebook when they wake up in the morning, if you have ton of friends then simply post about your product on FB and ask them to like it, or if you have some money you can advertise in your local area (if you are going to advertise, be sure you have capacity to handle plenty of customer).

The 1st thing you need to do is create facebook page and give all the important information the customer needs.

In FB manager you can have data about your fans and use it to post related information only to those people.

When you advertise there is limit on people who can like, so if you have great product or service it’s going to be success immediately.

2. Linkedin

LinkedIn is a better place to promote B2B product or service, because you will not only find customers but also business partners, who can reduce your cost or improve the product by leaps.

Here customer is very different compared to facebook customers, for example Senseforth.ai customers are banks and other large corporate who need to automate customer support.

3. Twitter

Twitter is very different compared to above sites, which can be more powerful depending on topic you share. Twitter doesn’t have company profile page, so you need to have your own website, post content in it and share it on Twitter.

The biggest plus of twitter is, if you have great or interesting information it will be re-tweeted by thousands of people, thus spreading the information to millions of people just in a day.

Additionally you can advertise on twitter but it’s not relevant ads like Google ads.

4. YouTube

Creating content on youtube can be difficult for some, if you don’t want to be in the video, but animators can create brilliant content with some work.

Once you create a video share it on above social media sites, where it might get thousands of view or even millions if the content is great.

This is the reason many people around the world are creating funny videos and making millions through Google ads.

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