Migraine Causes and Sypmtoms

Migraine is a headache disorder which comes and goes from mild to severe headache, for most people headache appears on one side of the head, the symptoms could be nausea, can’t see bright light or hear loud sound.

Before headache, the persons vision might get blur for some seconds, sometimes blur vision can occur without headache.

In some countries people take medicine called ibuprofen or paracetamol, and caffeine is good to reduce headache.

Symptoms of migraine

Prodrome occurs hours or days before headache, Prodrome is headache occur with other symptoms like fever or loss of hunger which is an indication of migraine, during this period the person might feel euphoria, scotoma, aphasia, light sensitivity.

Aura comes before the headache, which can be bright light, irritable smell, or unable to think clearly. Aura affects most of the patients, along with bright light some people experience pins and needles on one of the arm and it moves to face.

Causes of Migraine

1. Environmental causes

For some, headache occurs when they go out in cold temperature or when the room temperature is cold, for others bright indoor light can trigger headache (this could be due to using bright computer, TV or Smartphone screen or radiation from telecom tower, mobile phone and Wifi).

2. Genetic Causes

Migraine percentage caused by genetic fault is very small, but its 30-50% in twins. The twins have complained that they get aura before getting headache.

3. Physiological Causes

Some physiological causes are stress, hunger, anxiety which causes migraine for 60-75% of people, for women it may be caused during menstruation or pregnancy, menopause and perimenopause.

4. Food causes

10-60% of people say they got headache after consuming a food, but there is no proof that food is causing migraine. It’s just the person assuming that they got headache after eating some food.

The Biggest Problem With MIGRAINE, And How You Can Fix It


  • Migraine


  • Reduces Tension
  • Improves blood circulation and oxygen absorption
  • Corrects excess Acidity in the body


  • Reishi Gano (RG)
  • Ganocelium (GL)
  • Lingzhi 3N1 Coffee &
  • DXN Gano Tea.

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