Online Scam & Work from Home

As the population and greed increases people are looking for easy ways to make money to survive or to live luxuriously, by stealing hard earned money from unsuspecting people.

1. E-commerce

Some new website claim they have electronic or household products, you need to become member by paying few hundred dollars. After becoming member you can sell any product to your friends or online through your website (like affiliate marketing) for each sale you get 5-25% commission.

After paying the amount your realize it’s a scam and your money is already in some other country.

2. Black money

Someone from another country might send an email to you, saying he has millions of dollars of black money which needs be deposited in your country and in return you get 20-40% of the total amount and if you believe and send your bank account details they are well equipped to crack the password and steal money.

They might ask for some money in your currency, as if he uses his money he will be caught or there is some problem where he can’t use his credit card.

3. Fraud calls

Many thousands of people are scammed by this way, a person calls with a job offer and tells them to call a bogus number, when the victim calls s/he is charged hundreds of dollars, this money is shared by the scammer and phone company.

4. Data entry

There are thousands of website which says you can work at home at leisure and earn hundreds of dollars just with easy data entry work. All you need to do is pay $99-199 onetime fee. Once you have paid the amount that will be the end of the company.

5. Check Cashing

Scammers (representing themselves as businessmen) hire people in USA or European countries, to cash counterfeit checks (or to deposit somebody’s amount) for 1-2% commission.

The money will be sent to the directed account and the scammer asks to send money to escrow or online wallets. The bank finds the check is counterfeit after few days.

6. Pyramid schemes

There are thousands of pyramid schemes and thousands of fake pyramid schemes where you need to pay onetime fee of $49-199. Once you have become member you can sell any product and get a cut of the amount.

7. Manufacture/ assemble products

The scammers create an elaborate good looking website, which offers you to buy a machine to manufacture or assemble a product and they will take it from you once finished, you need to deposit $500-$1500 to get the machine and raw materials.

After paying the amount and there is no reply from them and you search about company details in google and realize the company doesn’t exist.

8. Medical billing

Here all you need to do is fill the details of doctors insurance claims, the company will give you training, software and marketing materials. You just need to pay $99-$299 onetime fee.

9. Name Compiling

For every name and address sent you get 50 cents, before working you need to register for $25. When you send name and address of say 50-100 people the scammer sends the same message to them.

10. Legitimate work at home jobs

Here the scammer uses the word “Legitimate work at home jobs” and ask to pay a registration fee in return you get legitimate jobs in your email account, after paying the amount the next day you realize you are scammed again.

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