Crown Ambassador Budiman Salim

19 Years of MLM Experience. 10 Years DXN MLM Experience.

I was indeed lucky because I was able to accept the MLM concept since it was first introduced in 1988. I saw that such effort would open up a new realm of opportunities to change my life at that time, when I was far from luck after the bankruptcy of my parents that hindered the continuation of my studies.

After I saw the presentation given by someone who apparently achieved success in life through MLM businesses, I thought it was not difficult to undertake such MLM effort myself so that I could likewise achieve excellence in life. Nevertheless, when I actually started doing the business it was not as easy as what I heard and perceived earlier. In the beginning, I encountered numerous barriers and refusals, and my progress was impeded by my ignorance of the correct concept and proper procedures involved. Efforts coupled with a relatively small capital in a business obliged me to study whenever possible. I joined most trainings that were provided, during which I was given guidance by more experienced and successful leaders. Yet I found it difficult to put the teaching into practice. I realized that one of the greatest failure in undertaking such MLM efforts was due to our ego. I was hesitant to put down my ego especially when I was trying to introduce the business and products to my family and friends, even though I had a sincere wish to share the opportunity with them.

Discussions with and trainings from other distributors and leaders that have attained brilliant success in their MLM business opened my eyes. I understood that success rooted in one’s will to put down the sense of egotism and persistently sponsor new distributors, use and sell the products, join the trainings and provide training to downlines. There is no alternative way to be successful in any MLM business except those mentioned. The belief that success could only be achieved through hard work and serious commitment was deeply rooted in my mind. I knew I had to persevere in order to bring about positive changes in my life and achieve dreams and aspirations in my heart.

Failure after failure.
From 1988 to 1997, I undertook a few MLM businesses. In those 10 years, my effort and hard work went down the drain. I faced great obstacles and adversities, in particular the instability of the companies, many of which ended up with bankruptcy. All my efforts proved to be futile. The rewards I received did not commensurate with the efforts I put in; the bonus calculation scheme was obscured and complicated; the decline in our status each month rendered maintenance and improvement of our status extremely difficult. These failures however did not discourage me from putting more effort into MLM. The conviction that the MLM business would enable me to improve the quality of my life kept me moving forward in my endeavour.

Success comes from Consistency
In July 1997, I was introduced to DXN. I knew that DXN was a company based in Alor Star, Malaysia that produced series of Ganoderma Lucidum products. I was attracted by DXN because of its One Dragon concept. Its independence of foreign assistance is the key factor that enables it to continuously thrive over a long period. Although DXN at that time was relatively new and small, it already attained the GMP and other quality production standards and certifications from the local government. My conviction increased after I came to learn that Dato’ Dr. Lim Siow Jin is the single owner of DXN.

I started my DXN business in Indonesia since DXN first ventured into the market in September 1997. The products were popular among the DXN distributors in Indonesia due to its high quality and efficacy. After my initial failure in MLM, DXN came into my life and turned my dreams into reality. DXN proved to me and my friends that MLM business, if undertaken seriously and diligently without fear of failure, will reward us with a quality life and unlimited income.

Global Business with One World One Market Concept
The development of DXN gets more impressive from year to year. From a small-scale company, it developed and grew into an international company. Although I did not own an academic degree, I had the opportunity to develop DXN in foreign countries, which is an unforgettable experience for me. I stayed in many countries for months or even years, namely Thailand, Philippines, Australia, America and Canada, to expand the DXN network. The One World, One Market concept is truly praiseworthy. Such wonderful concept from Dato’ Dr. Lim Siow Jin does not only expand the territory of DXN but also provides opportunities to DXN distributors from any country to expand their business all over the world. Such global business concept enables us to form the network through all the countries in which DXN exists. At the moment there are 88 countries in which DXN has set its footstep. It is our goal to reach out to 150 countries by year 2020.

The global business concept, One World, One Market creates an unlimited network that enables any distributor to receive the product from a country that he might not even have visited before. The calculation of the monthly transaction is the combination of all activities around world. A concept that was launched in 1993 was the concept of Calculation without Limit, which is one of the most unique concepts in the world. When I first introduced this Global Business concept in America in 2002, some American distributors were pleasantly surprised; they could not believe that such wonderful calculation without limit system was put into practice.

Mind Set & Negative Thought to MLM effort.
Till now, I have seen numerous testimonies of people who became rich via MLM businesses. Such people are those who are open-minded and willing to learn the concept, create and expand the network. They can “retire” at a relatively young age and continue to be rewarded for the foundation they established earlier. With the strength of the network, their revenue is very stable and they continue to receive a stable income.

I regret the fact that many people still perceive MLM on a superficial level — many still think that MLM is meant for housewives and the unemployed, whose main work is to be a salesperson and sell the products.

19 Years of MLM Experience. 10 Years DXN MLM Experience.
My 19 years of experience in MLM — from 1988 till now — helped me to conclude that MLM can help us to realise all our dreams that are impossible if we only toil in our normal activities, such as, working in an office or doing conventional activities. Through the ten years doing DXN business in Indonesia and travelling abroad, I had the opportunities to meet with tens of thousands of DXN distributors from various professions—from professors, doctors, young professionals, teachers, blue-collar workers to housewives—who materialised their dreams and aspirations. They used to lead an ordinary life; yet they eventually managed to buy houses, cars, and send their children overseas and travel around the world. Professionals could free themselves from the monotonous daily routines. Through DXN, they are able to undertake network business in a relaxing and pressure-free manner. They enjoy the luxury of time and freedom. Seeing such people and listening to their stories caused me to be even more inspired by this MLM business.

Open Your Mind
As a note of encouragement: for those who have not yet attained success in DXN business, do not be discouraged. DXN indeed has a global business concept that is extraordinary. This couples with its proven quality products, our success in this business simply depends on our hard work and perseverance in developing our network.

Remember that failure is a postponed success. All distributors have an equal opportunity for success. The outcomes depend entirely on each individual’s effort invested in expanding his/her network. I would also like to encourage our fellow friends who do not yet truly understand or trust the MLM business to open your mind and try to understand why MLM business is able to generate numerous young millionaires.

Welcome to the DXN MLM Global Business! The Opportunity for Success is Awaiting. Grasp it!

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