Teena Tolhoek Success Story

Senior Crown Diamond – Australia

For twenty years, I operated a medium business enterprise that involved designing a clothing range, manufacturing, wholesaling and also retailing. Although it was lots of hard work, it proved very successful, but times changed after the influx of cheap clothing from China, so I sold that business. Early in 2003, my new jobs (I had two) meant travelling many hours to and from the workplaces each day. I began to experience regular headaches and feel the strain of work overload. I was very concerned about my health.

A friend in Sydney told me about Ganoderma as a possible answer to my health concerns so I decided to try it. After just 10 days, I started to experience more energy, better vision, better sleep and many other benefits, including relief from my headaches. I began to tell people in my workplace about it, and soon others were reporting astounding results, especially when serious illness was a problem.

Once I was sure that DXN´s Ganoderma was a reliable product and the demand for it would continue to grow, a decision was made to promote it in a professional manner. Learning the DXN business plan and also studying everything available about how and why Ganoderma works in the body, it was then possible to begin conducting public meetings about it.

Another decision was made to open a DXN Service Centre to ease members´ access to the products. Australia after all is a wide-spread country. This was an immediate success and its business grew so fast that it became the busiest in Australia, winning the DXN award for the “Highest Sales for the Year” after only 5 months. From the start, I worked diligently on the business, taking every opportunity to promote Ganoderma and its health benefits and making sure something was achieved everyday, keeping busy training and helping other members to achieve success too.

As a result of a positive attitude, continual improvement in knowledge plus hard work, success came, by becoming free to travel, with good income and the pleasure of helping others to enjoy good health and a quality life.

In July 2006, Australia´s First “Crown Diamond” status was achieved, being proudly recognised on stage by Dr Rathna and Professor Vasupaliah, the First Crown Diamonds of India. In October/November 2006, I double qualified to attend the First TSI trip to Europe along with many other international qualifiers. Many good friendships were made and it was a wonderful experience had by all.

I have since achieved Senior Crown Diamond status. Thank you Dato´ Dr. Lim and DXN, for providing quality products and a Business platform, so focused and innovative people have the best opportunity to build their business and take it to any level they desire.


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