The Key To Good Health

During Dr Lim’s visit to the Sunshine Coast. 

Dr Lim said an operation such as this is just masking the problem and not actually treating the cause.

Dr Lim said it’s a bit like taking your car to the mechanic because the temperature light is flashing on the dashboard but instead of the mechanic finding the cause of the problem instead he reaches behind the dash and simply cuts the wire.

Herbal medicine has a much higher purpose than to be relegated to the limited worldview of conventional medicine”. 

In the West, when a person has a disease or illness, they usually turn to prescription or over-the-counter drugs to solve the problem. Unbeknown to most patients, prescription drugs frequently only mask the symptoms of the disease; or treat that particular outbreak. They don’t actually get to the source of the problem.

Many users of herbs, nutritional supplements and other complementary or alternative health solutions view those solutions in the same way they view conventional medicine. By expecting the herb to cure their symptoms quickly. So if they have pain, they want a pill that will eliminate the pain.

In this instance the only difference between patients who turn to conventional medicine versus patients who turn to natural medicine is that the latter want a pain pill from a plant. All this is extremely frustrating for practitioners of alternative medicine, holistic medicine, herbalists, nutritionists, etc.

Because they want to help patients find and repair the cause of the problem. But most patients really aren’t looking for long-term solutions as much as they’re looking for short-term masking of their symptoms. And thus, all they stand to gain is the ‘feel good factor’ by using products they can call “natural.”

Alternative medicine is no better than conventional medicine if treated as a temporary cover up for a pattern of symptoms created in life through an unwillingness to make changes that lead to long term good health. 

Our Immune system “The key to good health

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