What is Black Cumin?

DXN Black Cumin Plus

Black cumin is also known as black seed. It is the seed of a herbaceous plant known as Nigella sativa. It has a very diverse phytochemical profile, containing protein, carbohydrate, fatty acids, vitamin B complex and various types of minerals.

What is black cumin used for traditionally?

Black cumin has been widely used traditionally since thousands of years ago. As it offers multiple health benefits, thus, it is suitable for everyone who wants to improve their general well being.

What did modern researches show about black cumin?

Recently, modern researches showed that black cumin helped to regulate immune system. It is suitable to be taken for disorders caused by weakened or over-active immune system. The actual mechanism of black cumin in regulating immune system is still under investigation and yet to be concluded. However, many researches supported that thymoquinone, a major component found in the black cumin played an important role. This unique compound found in the black cumin is a powerful antioxidant that protects cell damage caused by free radicals.

Is there any scientific study available for this black cumin?

Yes, there are plenty of scientific studies being carried out on black cumin especially on its anti cancer, anti inflammation, anti microbial properties and diabetic control effect. You may find these information from the internet.

Why are other natural ingredients added to black cumin products?

Sometimes natural ingredients like clove and black pepper are added to black cumin products to enhance its efficiency especially as an aid in healing ailments of the digestive tract and antiseptic properties.

What are the other beneficial properties / usage of black cumin?

Some other traditional usage of black cumin by various cultures and civilizations around the world include:

a) relieving inflammatory related to health problems such as bronchitis, rheumatism, joint pain and asthma.
b) regulating hormonal imbalance
c) promoting digestion
d) fighting against parasite infestation

Any precautions for use of black cumin?

Usually there is no side effect if black cumin is consumed as per direction. Information regarding its safety and efficiency during pregnancy is still lacking. As a rule of thumb, pregnant lady should consult their healthcare provider before embarking on any supplements.

What are the criteria of a good black cumin product.

a) manufactured under GMP quality control.
b) added with clove and black pepper for enhancing its effect.

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